MI Final Masterpiece RBW Black Filly 06/05/2011
Thank You to Tim and Dana Bates Taylor of Lonsdale Arkansas

Shadow's Gamblin Man RBW Pal/WH 05/14/2011
Thank You to Marshelle Backes of Dexter Oregon 

Gamblin One More Time RBW Bl/WH 05/21/2011
Thank You to Terri Gardner of Pembroke Georgia 

He's Amped Up RBW Bl/WH 05/10/2011
Thank You to Tim and Dana Bates Taylor of Lonsdale, Arkansas

A Motown Classic RBW Champagne and Wh 10/12/2011 
Thank You to Tim and Dana Bates Taylor of Lonsdale, Arkansas

We absolutely can't say enough good things about Denise and her family. We began looking for a well bred colt and after much studying and looking we contacted Denise about a black/white stud colt (Bo)... She was more than helpful in answering my questions. we made the trip to Ohio to see him and fell in love. After seeing all of the time that is taken with these horses, from excellent breeding down to the time taken with the foals from the second that they are born. We knew this was where our new baby would come from. As a matter of fact, we decided we were so impressed with these foals that we brought 2 of their babies home to Arkansas. We absolutely recommend Denise, Scott, Taylor & Tristen for your next Walking Baby. Great breeding, great personalities, and honest horse loving people. We have made some life-long friends. P.S. They love the Himalayan salt!!!
Thanks again.Dana & Tim Taylor, Arkansas

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