Masterpiece's Color Copy aka ( Bubba )
TWHBEA # 20902519
SSHBEA # 10900549
NSSHA # 0920820
SMHA # 110032
NAHR # 201232

15'3 Hands and still growing
Black and White Tobiano
Papers Include such greats as Ebony Masterpiece, Shadow One More Time, Paint The Town, Go Boy's Shadow, Perfection's Hi Do, and etc....

Currently Standing $250.00 FeeĀ 
Registered and 150.00 Unregistered
$10.00 Wet Mare Care and $5.00 Dry Mare CareĀ 
Require Neg Coggins, Neg Uterine Culture, and Current Vaccinations

Our eyes tell us what a horse appears to be,
His pedigree tells us what he ought to be,
But his offspring tell us what he is!!!

Our Masterpiece's Color Copy Stallion
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