Masterpiece's Color Copy aka ( Bubba )
TWHBEA # 20902519
SSHBEA # 10900549
NSSHA # 0920820
SMHA # 110032
NAHR # 201232

16 + Hands 
Black and White Tobiano
Papers Include such greats as Ebony Masterpiece, Shadow One More Time, Paint The Town, Go Boy's Shadow, Perfection's Hi Do, and etc....

Currently Standing $350.00 Fee 
Registered and $250.00 Unregistered
$10.00 Wet Mare Care and $5.00 Dry Mare Care 
Require Neg Coggins, Neg Uterine Culture, and Current Vaccinations

Our eyes tell us what a horse appears to be,
His pedigree tells us what he ought to be,
But his offspring tell us what he is!!!

Our Masterpiece's Color Copy Stallion
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